Some people face challenges in life and everyone does at some point in their life, genuinely it is how you address it is what matters.Adversity can come in many ways its just that it tends to come at the wrong time regardless of challenges and adversity its how you deal with it ,I’m finding my battle frustrating to the point where I have a slow process ahead of me I still have the continuing pain from the treatment and surgery and are inhibited in what I can do, I’ve never stopped trying to do things in the last few months but I have to budget my time Libreley as the leg isn’t holding up as expected.
I would have thought by now the pain would have subsided but it’s still hindering to a point where my quality of life is being frustrated because I can’t do things like I normally did without having to sit down and rest due to the pain and uncomfortableness plus also being lethargic with no energy and fatigue on a daily basis, believe me it’s the most frustrating thing especially as I said in recent post all I wanted to do is the simple things mostly interacting with my boys like I would have done before surgery, they don’t understand I think as there to young but I can see the frustration as well  I can’t do what they want me to do even though I try it feels like I let them down but regardless I know that me trying to explain the situation will just confuse them, gradually over time it gets better and I’ll be able to do things again but as I am not active I can see my weight increasing due to the fact that I’m restricted in what I can do , yeah the physiotherapist helps but I can’t get the heart rate up or do the physical exercise I used to do  , it’s the hardest thing to do I understand now to keep healthy,and to be active is a major mental help as you can exert all the frustrations also making me realise the way I use to eat and the way I eat now is totally different but I put more weight on eating a healthy balanced diet than the one which was high sugar and fat fast paced before as I didn’t have time to think about what I consumed or how I looked after myself, these things are the only hinderance but like I said it’s all about mindset, you can’t let things get you down you just have to try to do as much as you can to the point where it’s not inhibiting my quality of life, I never imagined that I would have 1/4 of my thigh cut out and then treated with radiation therapy but what u find also with other people who have gone through that it takes time, you are never the same as I was pre diagnosis and I know most probably it will take a while to at least get back to where some point I can carry on the same capacity I did before this battle, I want to just be back to normal but knowing that normal is different then before is how im going to have to learn to live with it, I try to draw focus and inspiration from people in similar situations and who have gone through the same adversity they genuinely know how hard it can be to get back to normal life and I can understand that people who you have counted on don’t realize how hard something like this is to go through , I try to bring awareness about getting things checked if there not right but I also like to bring awareness that the mindset and the process you go through during the battle is possibly nearly as hard as the diagnosis itself like I said it’s hard to understand where I’m coming from but believe me talking bout and reading the things I have gone through could possibility help on another level so as I say this blog is for awareness of the situation that one cancer suffer and survivor has faced and is going through, it draws light and awareness in some capacity that some people can read this and relate especially if they have or know someone going through a similar adversity.

The people you tend to count on are also the ones that need someone to talk to they are going through the same situation even though it’s from a different view they need to help to adjust to the situations and realise that  sometimes in life things don’t go to plan, they are also part of the big picture and threw their support I would not be where I am today and my faith in god I know that through this adversity it has given me knowledge to deal with issues and has made me stronger for it, this now leads me to my next post which ill publish soon regarding establishing an outlet for young adult survivors where they can get together to just talk and try to relate to others in the same situation where there is an outlet for them to get together openly or privately just to give them some balance and advice or reassurance  in the situations there in.Like I have said before I need to give back and with all the time I have had and have to reflect i can try to give back something if it’s a little thing that can impact on the positivity from Negativity.


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