Daffodil Day

On the 28th of august its is Daffodil day, in significance to people who have been affected by cancer it is the day of awareness and fundraising showing support for people suffering and who have won and lost their battle with this  dreaded disease, it is a day of hope and the best the best way to raise needed funds for cancer research  I  urge every one donate to this wonderful cause,because with the help of many donations before me they have improved my outcome with much-needed money being put straight in to cancer research for better treatment and prevention  you can donate online at http://www.daffodilday.com.au get online or buy a pin from your local coles or volunteers in and around all shopping and community centres.

As it has been one month on from treatment on daffodil day ill be at the lifehouse starting the next stage of my journey,  looking back once again on and thinking about the battle and the battle ahead, it seems like yesterday that I was diagnosed and treated and it makes you wonder why life flies by and how you take it for granted, I have a lot of support with people thanking me for giving them an insight into my journey and how it has changed the way that they think, about day-to-day life and about the way they  address things when they are not right, I have seen and spoke to people I haven’t heard from in years and also people who don’t know me who have read my posts and thanked me for giving them an insight and also the final push in getting things checked or letting someone else know that when things aren’t right to get them looked at.

In saying that,that is what these post are for creating awareness through the journey that i have and are going through,it makes sense to write about the experience because in some way shape or form even if it is in the smallest form I’m creating change and trying to make a difference.

This week is a busy week for me as i have physio twice a week and have to see my oncologist and surgeon plus the start of the next journey my Quarterly scans,

It has been 5 weeks since radiation has finished and now it is time to see if it has done the job and cleared up the leg where the lump once was, i have been told it’s just a gauge on the next part of treatment but they are pretty confident that the radiation would have done its job, the only repercussions is my limp and soreness which still inhibits me from doing the daily things people take for granted especially my kids who still don’t get that why daddy can’t run, ride the bike ,kick the ball or keep up with their pace, but they do know it is easier for them to evade me when they are being naughty as 6 year old and 4 year old are with me trying to enforce the rules but them knowing that I can’t catch them with the cheeky phrases of “haha you can’t catch me , come and get me” which is a constant sentence used by the boys in the house hold today. My physio is very confident that I will be walking correctly without pain and a limp in a few weeks and though I won’t  be able to jog for up 6 months without any pain which I can’t wait to do it, with constant exercise I do daily I’m hoping to be doing the simple thing sooner than later, but with this negativity I know its only a few more challenges coming in the next few months ,and the next two years hopefully will fly by without any dramas.

But getting to that point will be another start to the journey which will be the most anxious and i suppose the most frustrating part of it yet , as i said in previous posts  i don’t have contorol of my future but in God i trust and ill leave it up to him. So in saying that on Daffodil day the 28th of august I will be doing my first CT Scan and Full MRI since surgery,it’s going to be routine for the next two years with the 3 monthly checks so with this comes the anxiety of the un known and also the probing and checking of all the elements of being a “Cancer Patient”, it seems funny and surreal talking or thinking in that context but unfortunately for me and the other 128 000 Australians, http://www.cancer.org.au/about-cancer/what-is-cancer/facts-and-figures.html that will be diagnosed this year I am not alone, I was reading a story online and I can relate to it as it best describes my situation in some way have a read its a good insight  http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/7995506

I have also learnt in the last few months that I wouldn’t let my diagnosis and Cancer would not control my life. As I look back over the last few months there are three choices I made which still play out in my life today

  • Choose to find the joy!

When someone finds themselves in survival mode, the vision for their life is put on hold. Lack of vision for a future on the other side of cancer or any life-altering event can lead to depression and despair. Choosing to find the joy in each new day allows you to see a joy-filled future. It’s this vision that keeps you moving forward.

  • Choose to make memories!

There is a tendency to postpone special events and alter plans until you are on the other side of a life crisis. Why? If you seek to find the joy in each new day, you will be on a journey filled with memories. Capture these memories. Share them with those you know and love. Think about the story your life will tell to those who see the abundant life you are leading in spite of the circumstances you face.

  • Choose to leverage the lessons!

Share your story and the lessons you have learned in your journey. As a fighter and as a survivor, you are learning some of life’s most meaningful lessons. There is someone out there who needs you to share these lessons. In sharing them and seeing the impact they have on others, you may find the purpose of the challenges you face.

Please know there will be good days and bad days in the days which lie ahead. But if you choose to make joy-filled memories and leverage the lessons learned, you will thrive as you survive life’s greatest challenges!

the most important thing about the way that my journey continues is like I say positivity and no matter how hard thing can be you just need to get up and get on with it because regardless of the adversity the best way to deal with it is to keep on marching on for my sake and my families I have to lead by example and continue to keep living.


3 thoughts on “Daffodil Day

  1. Reblogged this on brendonsbattle and commented:

    Tommorow is Daffodil Day please think and give to this wonderful cause and help find a cure for this horrible disease.
    Over 128000 Australians will be diagnosed with some form of cancer this year.
    Have a read of my blog and help spread the word


  2. Brendon you are an inspiration to our family and all your friends and their families and people who don’t even know you. I as your auntie am so proud of you and am confident that everything will be positive and before you know it years will have past and it will be all put behind you as you will be 100% healthy. God Bless you always and I LOVE you very much. xoxoxoxoxoxo


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