Awareness creates Change.

  Thinking about cancer and about how i can live with it is the greatest challenge of my life I have to rethink the mindset because everyday is a blessing ,people who go through life and that don’t have to suffer from this adversity don’t understand what it truly be like when facing something like cancer,a lot of people don’t actually understand that this diagnosis is stuck with you for life,in my case i am lucky but at the bottom of my mind I have that sense of mortality, mortality at some point everyone has to adjust to at some time in their life, some others like me at my age don’t expect to deal with it, its horrible just the little thoughts the simple thoughts that people take for granted as the sunny blue sky on a spring day with the wind blowing across your brow with the  sense of life, not knowing that this can all be taken away in an instance, spending time with family theses are the thoughts that progressively go through my head and the thought of not knowing of what lies ahead ,I hopefully have a long and prosperous future but like I said in my recent post it’s not up to me it’s up to fate. Fate Mortality are just some things that cancer suffers have to deal with everyday the minute you wake up its always in the thoughts, maybe it just me or the way I think but I need to help change my process of thinking and realise that life is for living and if I let this thoughts process weigh me down ill never get over it, creating memories are the most important the strangest and scariest thought is the thought of my children not growing up and knowing me,my boys are 4 and 7 years old I can’t even remember back when I was that age that is the only thing that cuts me up,not being there for them to reach their milestones , I don’t want my kids to get older not knowing their dad only to look back on photos to remember me I want to be there for their milestones I want to teach them to play sport I want to show them how to shave ,I want to show them how to be men , how to work hard and give everything you got,, I want to be there on their birthdays, I want to experience the little things the simple things its just not that easy to get my head around it, the scariest thing is not knowing about whats really going on inside of my body and the only way i can manage this is through constant checks and scans for the next 2 years i have to have quarterly MRI, CT, and PET scans with the type of my cancer having a 20% occurrence rate which is not the best of percentages but with the help and confidence of my oncologist and surgeon they will be able to maintain my process with constant checks in saying this once again it comes back to mindset and positive thinking where it has to be mind over matter.

I need to keep fighting the thoughts and the processes of cancer which brings me to my point and whole reason for this blog ,

Awareness and early prevention of anyone and especially to young males to help them be more aware of their health and the repercussions of not getting things checked when they should, it’s the going saying and thought about leaving something on your body or your feeling unwell and just passing it off and saying “ill be Right” because in my case I wish I would have gotten my lump checked I wouldn’t probably be writing this post and wouldn’t have these thoughts on how strong young males need to be in there thought process about things that are not right.

The lesson we learn are from experiences and other experiences that have happened to you and the people who are close to you and that the experiences you hear about, this is my out let to adjust the thought of some people and help them face their fears of getting things checked , there is always time and there is always a place to get things checked no matter how busy you are how little time you have in the day , make sense and take the time to get yourself sorted because you only get one chance at life and it resonates on you and the people around you if something is not right.

The faster you address the issue the faster it can be solved and in saying this you wouldn’t have to go through the experience that me and many more like me have gone through.

count your blessings and help me help you and get your self sorted read and share my blog and help get the word out that,awareness is key and only through this little blog I feel I can make some sort of impact, be it at the people around me or the people who read and hear about this post.

The facts are  131.000 people will be diagnosed with cancer in Australia in 2015, but every day there is more reason for hope than ever before. Cancer research is discovering new and better treatments, cancer prevention campaigns are working and support for those affected by cancer is improving al the time.

Daffodil day is one of the charities that do a lot for cancer research and prevention so on the 28th of august go online or buy merchandise to help raise funds to help people like me and the other people out there, help them help rid the world of Cancer,

jump on to and donate to this wonderful organisation.

and if in any way I can create more awareness to anyone I would have made a difference.

“she’ll be right” is never a good enough excuse believe me when I say “it won’t happen to me” because believe me it can.


2 thoughts on “Awareness creates Change.

  1. Beautifully said brendon you are a brave man and blessed to have a strong family unit behind you stay strong and positive age is on your side a dear friend of your mum and dad


  2. Thank you a well versed blog It really touched me as I too have been on a similar Cancer Journey over ten years ago and although things can be grim you get to appreciate each day and take on challenges at the drop of a Hat
    Cancer has made me a better person as I do appreciate each moment of the Day and will do anything for my children
    It is not so much the material things it is the time spent with others that counts


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