Looking back today a day after my birthday i realise that whats most important and how my family and friends have got me to the point where i can safely say it has made me stronger when thinking about how things have panned out it basically means that for the last 4 months life has been  put on hold.I have endured a pretty tough battle trying to get my head around the things that come with the associated,with having to have surgery then treatment from my cancer, this year was a year full of hope things looked great i was planning to go away to Las Vegas and LA with my brother and my cousins which would have been the trip of a lifetime,a trip that would have created memories that i could have held on for the best part of my life it would have been an adventure i was really looking forward to it ,i’d also planned to travel later in the year with my wife and kids to hawaii but once again the associated things that come with this crappy situation have halted my life,the last 4 months i cannot get back but with the on going recovery the year is basically a right off, but then i can’t be negative i have to look for positivity out of the negativity , i read a few weeks ago about a significant story where a friend posted online it was a story about life ,it said that we have 86400 seconds every day these seconds are like currency we have 86400 to spend in one day and that the way we use them is up to us but we have to spend those 86400 seconds wisely because we will never get them back even though the next day another 86400 are deposited right back to you,the meaning is we must not waste the day and live life by spending all of the time you have as best as you can ,not to leave any in the tank, and even though a few have been wasted with my  treatment and recovery the last few months i needed to get back on track and use my time currency wisely.

You only get one shot at it and there are ups and downs but its how you adapt to the situation and how you take it on , i have been positive in every way because i know that even when your at the bottom the only way is up.I keep reading articles and seeing things about the onset affects and the progression of life when you have been dealt with being diagnosed, the chances that we are given by the doctors are always positive and they want you to have the best possible outcome,people write that its all about mind set and all about the way you think and thats got to be the only way you can just get on with it, not thinking to deep about the unknown just get out there have ago and live and don’t waste any opportunity that is given to you.

Even though I’m limited Of what I can do with my recovery I ain’t going to miss out on milestones and daily life. Rest is key to getting back to health, and getting back to normality I can’t wait till I can get back to work and can’t wait to get back to chasing the kids around, kicking the soccer ball and playing cricket with my kids, going on bike rides and just things I could do before my surgery,

I’m not going to lie but previous years past i think i wasted some of my time with the things that really don’t matter,i have to be smarter and correct the way i use these times and i need to make the most out of it.This is the hardest challenge in my life and I’m coming out of it with a new found respect for the way i live, i must seize every moment and spend my 86400 seconds wisely because at the end of the day you can’t leave any in the bank.


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